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A modern, high-tech car, which has lots of electrical consumers fitted, has a higher electrical consumption. An older, smaller car has less power requirement. Our product line-up caters for every need, and whether it is the one of the batteries from our Bridge Power range (N40ZL, N40, N50), you will find Bridge Power delivers tailor-made power for every car. When you choose Bridge Power, you are opting for guaranteed starting, reliable power to all your electrical consumers, a long life and the peace of mind that your battery will not let you down.





Select Right Battery for You

Family Model Plates Polarity Amp Application
NS40ZL RB-R30 5PL R 26AH C.N.G Rickshaw
RB-35 7PL R 32AH Car / Pickup (600cc to 800cc)
RB-48 9PL L 38AH Car Mehran / Cuore / Kia Classic / CNG Converted Vehicles (800cc to 1000cc)
RB-48 9PL R 40AH All Type of 800cc to 1300cc
RB-55 11PL L 45AH Toyota / Nissan / Daihatsu / Mazda / Mitsubishi (1200cc to 1800cc)
N40 RB-60 11PL L 45AH
RB-60 11PL R 48AH Datson 120Y / Mazda / Lancer / Toyota / Civic (1000cc to 1800cc)
RB-65 13PL L 48AH
N50 RB-75 9PL R 50AH

Toyota Mark II / Toyota Crown / Toyota Cressida / Mercedes Benz / Willys Jeeps / Hyundai / MF375 Tractors (2000cc to 6000cc)

RB-80 11PL R 60AH
RB-85 13PL R 70AH
RB-85 13PL L 70AH


Bridge Power Batteries. Quality forever.

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