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Industrial Batteries


The Bridge Power battery package packs a powerful punch. Our adherence to the highest quality standards mean there is no room for compromise, and our technological expertise leads to continual innovation and improvement. This is why we can offer the market products which guarantee improved power and reliability - products which further extend our lead over the competition.






Select Right Battery for You

Family Model Plates Polarity Amp Application
N120 RB-170 21PL C 130 Hino Truck / Hino Bus / Hino Bowzer / Ford Dumper / Isuzu Diesel Bus (3000cc to 6000cc)
RB-180 23PL C 130
N150 RB-200 23PL C 165 Bedford Truck / Mazda Coaster T-3000 / Issuzu TD-72 / Generator Sets / Road Roller / Belarus Tractor
RB-210 25PL C 175
RB-220 27PL C 185
N200 RB-240 31PL C 200 Generator Sets / Road Roller / Buildozer
RB-260 33PL C 210


Bridge Power Batteries. Quality forever.

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