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Bridge Power Batteries by Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd.


Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering is the Pakistan’s leading manufacturer of car starter batteries heaving One year warrenty. To keep things this way, we focus on one clear objective: to keep making the best better. In addition to state-of-the-art development and production systems, Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd. relies on innovative technology centers, which are consistently working to optimize the design and performance of the products.


Environmental Policy


Pursuant to the applicable environmental laws and regulations in Pakistan, we have installed various equipment at all of our production facilities for the removal of lead dust and particles generated during our production process and to minimize the amount of pollutants in the air. The equipment includes ventilation systems, dust absorbing and removing systems, acidic mist and lead fumes purifying machines and fresh air pipelines.


Our production process generates waste water containing lead and sulphuric acid. We have installed waste water treatment facilities at our production facilities. The water treatment facility neutralizes the waste water and removes its lead content in accordance with the applicable environmental standards in Pakistan. At our Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd. production facility, waste water is discharged to the municipal sewer system after purification.


Bridge Power Batteries. Quality forever.

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