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Message from C.E.O


Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is an entity producing Conventional Batteries encompassing a skilled and dedicated work force. We are firmly committed to providing quality products that enhance the customer throughout the different regions in a manner consistent with the needs of our customers.


Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is to go beyond serving current needs of our customers with an eye toward the future. We will continue our efforts to produce excellent quality and provide our customers with the best service possible. Presently Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd Is one of the leading manufacture in the country, thus providing customers with the best possible quality with one year of warranty. Our sale proceed continue to be a catalyst for economic growth by maintaining a cost effective, customer oriented and efficient production system.


Rainbow’s has their Battery manufacturing setup on 4 Acres of land at SITE Kotri and now added three 3.25 acre new SITE for used batteries lead reclamation setup at same Industrial zone in SITE Kotri which will increased the production capacity and vast storage capacity will enhance export which will be a big contribution for the economic growth, employment and foreign exchange in Pakistan. Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has manufacturing of Bridge Power Batteries and have a vast and broad vision regarding environment protection, quality, employment, RND and training of their employees .



Muhammad Asif Memon
Rainbow Hi-Tech Engineering Company (Pvt) Ltd


Bridge Power Batteries. Quality forever.

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